Hairy protest - a story

I’m not sure what the situation is like in South African schools nowadays, but when I was a kid, there were very strict rules as to how one was supposed to have the hair cut. I will have to admit that this very specific hairstyle happened during school holidays.

Nonetheless, when I was 17, I did my part in what I believed was fighting the system. It was round about that time that my beard had started to grow and they were about as strict about facial hair at my high school, as they were about the rest. I suffered from very sensitive skin and to this day am not very fond of a clean shave. That was one of the reasons why I woke up one day and decided that enough is enough. I would no longer shave. After a few days, teachers started noticing and it didn’t take long for me to be sent to the principal. My punishment, he decided, was to sit on a bench in his office, until I was going to shave. So I sat. From morning until school ended, day after day I just sat, with my ever growing beard and confidence. I managed just over a week of protest, before I decided there had been enough sitting in the same spot (plus I was truly missing my smoke breaks). Though it was a very small form of protest, I still felt I had made my point. Looking back today, I wish I would have taken the hairstyle to school as well.

“A little thunder goes a long way”
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