7 billion muthafuckas


The online world offers many possibilities, allowing access to news a lot faster than ever before and giving us the possibility of engaging in discussions we would otherwise not have been part of. It allows for the world to stand together, especially in times of crisis. Nonetheless, it can also get unbelievably frustrating that everyone has an opinion on everything. Besides for the overflow of information, there seem to be no boundaries as to what we are engaging in and, even worse, how we are doing it. Not only does the online world often expose ignorance and insensitivity in people, it is also affecting the way we see others and the way we treat them offline.
I wrote this song in a moment of "too-much" and want to communicate one primary thing it: just be lekka (nice)!

"There're 7 billion muthafuckas out here
tryin' to be free."

Brendan Adams vocals, guitar & organ
Lucas Dietrich bass
Stevie Moser drums
Attila Buri piano
Ebrahim Mallum mixing

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