Oh The Rain


This week's song is about keeping your head up high when the world is pushing you down. Getting up after you have fallen is one of the hardest things to do, but in it lies all the hope and trust and inspiration one needs for life. For I do not know anything more powerful than witnessing someone rising against all odds.

"Don't let go,
just keep holding on.
So much is unknown.

Aim high,
see through the lies,
redefine how to grow.

Never hold on to a plan
that steels all the future out of your hands.
You must not be made to understand
that you are a casualty of war.

And don't give time to those thieves you see.
The ones who smile at you
while they make you bleed.

Love is a flower,
you hold the seed.
Don't ever keep the score.

Oh the rain,
will remind you once again
that we're only here for a minute.

Oh the game,
still gets played while you dream.
Be sure to stay up in it."

Brendan Adams vocals & guitar
Charlton Daniels bass
Mornay Hoffmeester drums
Mikyle Daries keyboards
Yasmin Hadisubrata keyboards
Herbert Walser trumpet
Ebrahim Mallum mixing

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