The Times Are Not Changing


Sometimes it feels like the times are not changing.

"Lock your doors
And put down your curtains.
It won't help, because war in your heart is certain.
The revolution is always standing by.
We all bleed the same to the untouched eye.
The times are not changing,
we're just rearranging.
Illusions we had before."

Brendan Adams vocals, guitar & tambourine
Video content As we too have to stay home, this video was a little tricky to put together. Especially, because we had to step in rather spontaneously on this one. Luckily, people out there supported us with short clips. A big thank you to Christiane Zimmermann, Anja Härtling, Tanja Reisert, Martina Ruepp, Michaela Bilgeri, Kurt Dixon, Kim Arendse, Petra Bischofberger, Angelina Zünd, Beth Wimmer, Carolina Roccio Styles, Alexandra Koller (whose shop we filmed in) and Valentin Sottopietra (whose video we couldn't use this time, but had us laughing out loud).